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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        First Flight:
flying wing
Menasco 6 cyl.
2 x 260 h.p. ea.
5,890 lbs.
6,350 lbs.
17' 10"
60' 0"
258 mph
1,600 fpm
21,500 feet
500 miles

The U.S. government contracted with Northrop Corp. in 1941 for a flying wing bomber that would carry 10,000 lbs. of ordnance, cruise at 275 mph, and have a 10,000 mile range. Four 60 foot wing span N9M test aircraft were built to explore the potential for a flying wing bomber before the full scale prototype would be produced.

The idea of a flying wing bomber came about as a result of the success of the Horton brothers experiments with flying wing aircraft in Germany. With those aircraft in mind, Jack Northrop's prototypes used the entire aircraft as a lifting body.

The Northrop N9M design eliminate the drag of a conventional fuselage together with its horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Northrop had theorized that the results would be an aircraft that would be able to achieve higher speeds and carry larger payloads with the power plants available at the time.

Although the Northrop N9M experienced some engine problems, the test program was considered an overall success. As a result, two full scale bomber prototypes were built. However, engine and engineering problems, plus the development of newer aircraft designs using jet engines, ended the project in 1949.

One restored, flying example of the Northrop N9M is currently housed at the Planes of Fame Museum at the Chino Airport in California.

Dean Copeland and the Northrop N9M.

Pictured above is Dean Copeland with his scratch built Northrop N9M. Its wingspan is 10 feet. Dean uses a pair of 890 watt electric motors for power. All up weight is around 24 lbs.

The first picture below is Dean Copeland's Northrop N9M on the runway.

In the second picture below is the Northrop N9M built from plans by the Bell-Imel Group. There come in two sizes. The 70" wingspan Northrop N9M can be powered by two .15 to .25 engines or a pair of Speed 400 type motors. It weighs about 3 1/2 lbs. The larger Northrop N9M has a wingspan of 90". For power you will need engines from .25 to .30 in size. All up weight will be in the 14 lb. range.

The third picture below is of the Bell-Imel Northrop N9M as seen from the front.

The bottom picture is of the Northrop N9M from Bell-Imell taking off.

Northrop N9M built by Dean Copeland.

Northrop N9M from Bell-Imel Group plans.

Northrop N9M from Bell-Imel plans.

Northrop N9M from Bell-Imel plans.

You can find scale drawings of the Northrop N9M from Bill Young Designs. It has a wingspan of 60". Recommended power comes from twin 05 motors.

We saw a nice looking Northrop N9M at Hobby-Lobby, but don't know if they still sell it.

Telink CZ has a Northrop N9M. It has a wingspan of 58 3/4". It is made from EPP and powered by a pair of 280 motors. Ready to fly weight is 13 oz.

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