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Patrouille Suisse aerobatic demonstration teams of the Swiss Air Force have been performing since August 8, 1964. The idea of the team was to get positive publicity for the Swiss Air Force.

The team's first performance was on the 50th anniversary of the Swiss air force and coincided with EXPO 1964.

The demonstration team was originally comprised of four Hawker Hunter Mk. 58 aircraft. They began regular flight exhibitions starting in 1965. A fifth Hawker Hunter Mk. 58 aircraft joined the team in 1970.

The Patrouille Suisse team performed with smoke systems on their aircraft for the first time in 1996, adding to the excitement of their performances.

Flight demonstrations were originally scheduled only in Switzerland, due to a tradition of Swiss neutrality. The team eventually performed outside Switzerland as well.

The team acquired the F-5E Tiger II aircraft they currently fly in 1995. Click here for more information about the aircraft including history, accomplishments, pictures, wav sound, specifications, and radio control airplanes.

The Patroulle Suisse aerobatic team continues to thrill large crowds with their performances to this date.

Andreas Scholl - Patrouille Suisse airplane.

In the photograph above is a Patrouille Suisse F-5 built by Andreas Scholl. It has a wingspan of 66" with a fuselage 118" long. is by a Jet Cat P-120 turbine. Weight is around 33 lbs.

If you are looking for a smaller Patrouille Suisse airplane, you may want to check out the ICARE F-20 EDF. Wingspan is 27.5" and the fuselage is 30" long. You can power it using a Mega 16/7/3 - 4 motor.  It comes with a fan drive.

Pictured immediately below is the Patrouille Suisse airplane for sale from RC International. It has a fuselage that is 112" long and a wingspan of 66". For power a minimum 26 lb. thrust turbine is recommended.  All up weight is 35 lbs.

Canterbury Sailplanes has a nice looking slope soaring Patrouille Suisse type shown in the second picture below. Wingspan is 33" and the fuselage has a length of 32". The EPP foam rc airplane only needs aileron and elevator controls.

For a mid size Patrouille Suisse radio control airplane, you may want to look at the EDF F-5 from the Electric Jet Factory. It has a span of 31.5" with a 45.5" long fuselage. You can power it with a Typhoon 2W motor turning a 480 Mini Fan.

In the bottom picture is the Patrouille Suisse F-5 built from a Thorjet kit. It can be built with either a 41" or 48" wingspan. Fuselage length is 66". A MW 54 turbine is recommended to power it. If you want to power it with an engine and fan, a O.S. .91 ducted fan engine turning a 5" fan is recommended.

Parkjets has plans for a Patrouille Suisse type F-20 pictured on the bottom of this page. It has a wingspan of 29" and a fuselage that is 48" long. A geared speed 400 size brushless motor is recommended to push the foamy rc airplane.

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Patrouille Suisse airplane

Patrouille Suisse jet airplane

Patrouille Suisse jet airplane