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RC Piper Cherokee
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PA-28 Specifications

    1960 US$ Cost:
    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Fuel Capacity:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed (Vne):
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
Lycoming O-320-E2A 150 hp.
1,200 lbs.
2,440 lbs.
350 lbs.
1 pilot + 3 passengers
23' 10"
35' 0"
145 mph
184 mph
640 fpm
11,000 feet
760 miles

Piper Cherokee aircraft have been flying since 1960 and are still going strong today with the Cherokee Arrow model.

The Piper Cherokee began life as an all metal upgrade in the Piper line of aircraft. It was designated the Piper PA-28. The number represented the 28th Piper aircraft model.

The idea of the Piper Cherokee is of a low cost, low maintenance, easy to fly aircraft that can transport four people comfortably at reasonably quick speeds. The low wing design enabled an undercarriage with a wider wheel spread, enhancing ease of maneuverability while taxiing, particularly while encountering strong cross winds.

The Piper Cherokee was well received, with a basic price of under $10,000. A total of 1,000 aircraft were purchased by early 1963.

Through the years the Piper Cherokee line of aircraft have been updated with larger, more powerful engines, improved controls and avionics, and a different wing planform.

Pilots flying the Piper Cherokee appreciate the gentile stall characteristics, especially when it is lightly loaded. Stalls are generally signaled by the rocking motion of the aircraft, rather than a sharp break. Although the wing planform was changed from straight to tapered with the 1978 models, its gentle stall characteristics remain unchanged. However, newer aircraft do tend to float more when landing at the higher speeds older Cherokee's preferred.

Newer Piper Cherokee models also have a larger stabilitor than older aircraft. It provides far greater control when flying at low speeds. Older, straight wing Cherokee models struggled to get the nose up at slower speeds, especially with a forward center of gravity. The tapered wing of the newer models also enhances aileron response at lower speeds.

When fuel is burned, the center of gravity moves toward the rear of the aircraft. Older aircraft with smaller stabilitors tended to fly nose high and use significantly more fuel. Low speeds are to be avoided with a rearward center gravity. Stalls during those conditions can become abrupt.

The carbureted engine of the Piper Cherokee can experience icing during faster descents. Many pilots automatically apply carburetor heating before reducing power as an added safety measure.

The Piper Cherokee PA-28 has aileron/rudder linking. It helps keep turns coordinated, but may spoil pilots when transitioning to other aircraft.  It is possible that they may under controll the rudder during turns.

While flying, the nose wheel of the Piper Cherokee turns along with the rudder. During landings in cross winds, the wheel will be turned into the wind. It is important that the rudder be centered just before touch down or the position of the nose wheel may induce a ground loop.

A total of over 32,750 Piper Cherokee aircraft of all types have been produced to date.

RC Piper Cherokee
RC Piper Cherokee (Trainer 46) - Nitroplanes

Pictured above is rc Piper Cherokee under the name Trainer 46 by NitroPlanes. The ARF has a 56" wingspan, comes in yellow and red color schemes, and needs a .40 two stroke or .52 four stroke engine. Weight of the rc Piper Cherokee is around 4 3/4 lbs.

Kyosho has a rc Piper Cherokee for sale.  The ARF or RTF has a wingspan of  just 16".  It is in the first picture below.

The next picture down is the rc Piper Cherokee from Great Planes.  Wingspan of the ARF is 60" and it is 46" long.  Power for the rc Piper Cherokee can be from .40 to .46 two cycle or .52 to .56 four cycle engines, or the equivalent electric motor.  Weight, ready to fly, is around 7 1/4 lbs..

In the third picture below is the rc Piper Cherokee built from a kit for sale from Herr Engineering.  Wingspan is 42" and it can be powered with .049 to .061 engines Weight is about 1 lb. 3 oz.

The fourth picture is of Adam Santana with his scratch built rc Piper Cherokee. It has a wingspan of 10' 2" and is powered by a 3W-60 engine.

The final picture is of the rc Piper Cherokee built from Eureca Aircraft plans. It has a 62" wingspan and can be powered by .40 to .46 two cycle or .52 to .70 four cycle engines.

Eureca Aircraft also has rc Piper Cherokee plans for sale for a larger model. Wingspan is 120" and length is 80". It is also available for sale as a short kit.

RC Piper Cherokee
RC Piper Cherokee - Kyosho

RC Piper Cherokee
RC Piper Cherokee - Great Planes

RC Piper Cherokee
RC Piper Cherokee - Herr Engineering

RC Piper Cherokee
RC Piper Cherokee - Adam Santana

RC Piper Cherokee
RC Piper Cherokee - Eureca Aircraft

The AMA has 38" wingspan rc Piper Cherokee plans for sale. Plan no. is 29876.

Guillows has a Piper Cherokee rubber kit for sale with a 20" wingspan that has been converted to radio control.

Graupner has a rc Piper Cherokee. The ARF has a 34" wingspan and is 25" long. It needs a Speed 400 size motor and weighs around 15 oz.

Air Age has rc Piper Cherokee plans for sale. Wingspan is 40". A geared Speed 400 size motor is the suggested power.

Aerofred.com has free three view drawings that can help to build a rc Piper Cherokee.

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