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    Primary Function:
    US$ Cost:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Fuel Capacity:
    Seating (typical):
    Cruise Speed:
    Max Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    Loaded Range:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
$275.5 million
RR Trent turbofans
4 x 56,000 lbs. ea.
392,000 lbs.
810,000 lbs.
51,750 gals.
380 passengers
247' 1"
208' 2"
543 mph
563 mph
2,300 fpm
41,100 feet
8,920 miles

RC A340 from RC Aerodyne

RC Aerodyne's rc A340 features a glass fibre fuselage. It has a wingspan of 65 1/2" and length of 55". Power is by four 60 mm fans.

The A340, produced by Airbus, was intended to compete with American Jumbo Jets with regards to passenger seating and range.

RC A340 from EDF Model

The rc A340 from EDF model has a 77 1/2" wingspan and is 87" long. Its fuselage is glass fibre and its wings are wooden b/u. Power comes from 60 mm fans.

The A340 model 600 first took to the sky on April 23 2001. It has the second longest fuselage of any aircraft in the world and the longest of any Airbus aircraft. Four more wheels than other A340 series aircraft have been added to the landing gear to help spread out the aircraft's additional weight.

RC A340 built by Airbuzz of RC Groups.

You can find the rc A340 build threat at RC Groups posted by Airbuzz. His rc A340 has a length and wingspan of 106". It is made from Depron and uses four 75 mm fans for power. Weight is only about 4 3/4 lbs.

The four engines of the A340 operate at slightly less than their maximum certified power for additional efficiency and longer life. Airbus tells us that four smaller engines can be maintained at a lower cost than two larger ones. Four engine operation allows the airplane to fly more direct routes than twin engine aircraft due to restrictive twin engine regulations.

RC A340 built by Nasser Al Rabban.

The rc A340 built by Nasser Al Rabban has a 150" wingspan and 157" length. Power is by turbine engines.

All A340 series aircraft share similar cockpit designs, avionics, and fly-by-wire controls. This allows pilots to fly other aircraft in the series with less time training.

RC A340 scratch built by Peter Michel.

The rc A340 scratch built by Peter Michel has a length and wingspan of 152". Construction is all composites. Power comes from two 18 lb. thrust turbine engines on the inner pylons. Weight is about 46 lbs.

At the time of its introduction, the Airbus A340 model 600 was well received. Most airlines welcomed an aircraft with its capacity and range. However, with the cost of fuel skyrocketing, airlines now favor more fuel efficient aircraft.

RC A340 in Air France colors.

The rc A340 in Air France colors was posted to YouTube by undeadDreadlord91. It has a 192" wingspan and is 202" long with a weight of around 120 lbs. Power is by four turbojet engines.

RC A340 posted by Setthrust.

The rc A340 posted to YouTube by Setthrust has a 85" wingspan and is 97" long. Its fuselage and wings are glass fibre. Four 70 mm fans power the airplane.

You can find numerous videos of the rc A340 by setthrust posted to YouTube.

RC A340 built by Thelo Kytitz.

The rc A340 built by Thelo Kytitz has a 171" wingspan and is 171" long. Turbojet engines power it.

Aviation Explorer has the YouTube video of the rc A340 in Air France colors.

Igocity.com and rcholic.com both have the video of the rc A340 posted by Setthrust.

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