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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Machine Guns:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
180 h.p.
1,500 lbs.
2,060 lbs.
2 - 7.92 mm
24 ft. 1 in.
29 ft. 8 in.
116 mph
820 fpm
18,700 feet
220 miles

RC Albatros
RC Albatros

Albatros fighters are an example of how fast air superiority came and went during World War I. Shortly after achieving a brief period of success, each series of Albatros was bested by its competition.

Over 1,500 Albatros fighter aircraft were deployed, often overwhelming technically superior enemy aircraft by their numbers alone. They experienced heavy losses, not only from engagements with enemy aircraft, but from failures due to a weakness in their lower wings.

RC Albatros
RC Albatros - E-flite

You can find the RC Albatros from E-flite at a number of retailers including A Main Hobbies and Horizon Hobby. Construction of the ARF is all-wood. Its wingspan is 53" and length is 44". It needs your motor and electronics for completion. The rc Albatros weighs around 7 lbs.

RC Albatros
RC Albatros - Hobbico

The Hobbico Fly Zone RC Albatros from Trend Times and HobbyZone has a 14 1/2" wingspan and 11" length. It comes RTF including radio and flight battery.

RC Albatros
RC Albatros - Parkzone

Parkzone's RC Albatros from Red Rocket Hobbies and Horizon Hobby has a wingspan of 42" and is 35" long. Included is a motor, controller, flight battery, and charger. Its weight is around 2 3/4 lbs.

RC Albatros
RC Albatros - Alfa Models

Hobby-Lobby has the RC Albatros by Alfa Models. Its wingspan is 27 1/2" and length is 23". The ARF foamy needs your motor and electronics. Weight is just 1/2 lb.

RC Albatros
RC Albatros - Dave Ottney

The RC Albatros from Aerodrome RC, built by Dave Ottney has a wingspan of 54" and uses a Mega 22/20/2 motor turning a 14 x 7 propeller. Weight is about 74 oz.

RC Albatros
RC Albatros - Tim Kwasny

The RC Albatros from a kit by Aerodrome RC built by Tim Kwasny has a wingspan of 36", uses a Hacker 20-22 motor and has a weight or about 20 oz.

RC Albatros
RC Albatros - Aerodrome

The RC Albatros from an Aerodrome kit wingspan is 24". It uses a GWS S1 motor turning a 8x 6 prop to propel its 7 oz. weight.

RC Albatros
RC Albatros - Proctor Enterprises

The RC Albatros from a kit by Proctor Enterprises has a wingspan of 89" and length is 74". Engines can be 240 or 300 V-Twin four cycle and weight is about 20 lbs.

RC Albatros
RC Albatros - Fun Aero

The RC Albatros from Fun Aero has a wingspan of 65". Power can come from .91 to 1.15 4C engines. Although no longer produced, the kit or completed scale models can be found for sale around the Net and on eBay.

RC Albatros
RC Albatros - Maxford USA

The RC Albatros from Maxford USA is an ARF with a wingspan of 40" and length is 30". Weight is about 2 lbs. A Speed 400 size motor is needed for power.

Kit Cutters has a RC Albatros. It is a giant scale, available from plans, full, or short kits. The kit designer is Bob Hutton. It has a wingspan of 84" and needs engines from 20 to 25 cc for power.

Cleveland Models Plans has the RC Albatros with wingspans of 22", 29 1/2", 44", 59" and 88".

Kavan Products has a RC Albatros. It is a ARF.   Its wingspan is 31". A Speed 280 geared motor is included.

You can find RC Albatros plans at the RC Store. They were designed by Dave Johnson. Wingspan is 118", fuselage length is 93 1/2" and engines can be from 3.5 to 4.0 c.i.d. Weight is around 35 lbs.

The Arizona Model Aircrafters RC Albatros wingspan is 88", and it is 69" long. It weighs about 25 lbs.

There is a RC Albatros sold as a kit and plans from Arizona Model Aircrafters with wingspans of 56", 83", and 111" with fuselage lengths of 48", 72", and 96" respectively. Construction materials are balsawood and ply. Motors are electric, but they may be converted to engine power.

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