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      Primary Function:
      Weight Empty:
      Max. Weight:
      Cruise Speed:
      Max. Speed:
      Initial Climb:
      Year Deployed:
RR Adour Mk.951
6,500 lbs.
8,040 lbs.
12,570 lbs.
38 ft. 11 in.
30 ft. 10 in.
450 mph
645 mph
9,300 fpm
50,000 feet
1,500 miles

rc Hawk Jet
NitroPlanes rc Hawk Jet

In the picture above is the rc Hawk Jet from NitroPlans. Its length is 27 1/2" and wingspan is 23". Power is by a brushless motor turning a 50 mm fan unit. It also comes as a ARF and in red and USN color schemes. Included is everything you need to fly right from the box except the flight battery.

The Hawk Jet, built by BAE Systems, is an advanced jet training aircraft for the British Royal Air Force. The aircraft first took to the sky in 1974.

Pilots praise the airplane for its excellent maneuverability and wide flight envelope. It jet can emulate many of the high alpha and high g maneuvers of the most modern jet aircraft. The airplane handles equally well from just above stall speed through trans sonic and supersonic speeds which it can reach in a shallow dive.

rc Hawk Jet
RC Hawk Jet by Tenergy.

The RC Hawk Jet from Tenergy is available as ARTF (almost ready to fly). Wingspan is 38" and length is 40 1/2". Included are a brushless motor with controller, EDF unit, and flight battery.

rc Hawk Jet
RC Hawk Jet of Indian A.F.

Since its introduction, a total of some 924 aircraft have been exported to eighteen allied nations. They are used in the light attack role as well as for pilot training.

Through the years the airplane has been upgraded with the latest avionics, digital instrumentation and more efficient engines.

rc Hawk Jet
RC Hawk Jet from E-Flite

The E-Flite rc Hawk Jet has a 33" wingspan and 35" length. The ARF has a fiberglass fuselage and built-up balsa wings. Included is a DF 15 brushless motor turning a 69 mm fan unit. Weight is around 44 oz.

RC Hawk jet from Malaysia.

The latest versions incorporate training aids that will prepare new pilots for the latest aircraft, including fifth generation stealth fighter bombers. These include an all-glass cockpit with three color monitors displaying weapons targeting, engine, and navigation status.

rc Hawk Jet
Larry Wolf and his rc Hawk Jet.

The Jet Hanger Hobbies rc Hawk Jet pictured above was built by Larry Wolfe and features a fiberglass fuselage and covered foam wings. Length is 54" and wingspan is 53". Recommended is either a Turbax 5" fan system of a Wren MW-54 turbine. The turbine powered rc Hawk Jet has a dry weight of around 12 lbs.

rc Hawk Jet
RC Hawk Jet from the British RAF.

The latest controls, which are available to both instructor and student, mean that the pilots hands do not have to leave the control stick while performing aircraft functions. A head up display monitors all necessary systems while the pilots retain situational awareness.

The range can be extended through provisions for optional wing tanks and air-to-air refueling.

rc Hawk Jet
RC Hawk Jet from Xtreme Jets.

The Xtreme Jets rc Hawk Jet wingspan is 73" and length is 83". From 12 to 25 lb. thrust turbine engines are needed to propel the approximately 19 lb. ARF.

rc Hawk Jet
RC Hawk Jet of Red Arrows.

The Royal Air Force Red Arrows air exhibition team has been using the airplane in their performances since 1979.  In 1997 the Finnish Air Force began using four of aircraft in their Midnight Hawks air team.

BAE, together with Boeing, produce a version of the airplane which is used by the U.S. Navy for training on their aircraft carriers. The airplane is designated the T-45 Goshawk. Although similar in appearance to the Hawk jet, it is a completely different aircraft.

rc Hawk Jet
UltraFly rc Hawk Jet.

Ultrafly makes the rc Hawk Jet shown above. It is constructed from foam and has a 28" wingspan and is 29" long. Power can be from the Ultrafly B/06/15 motor turning a 6 x 5.5 pusher prop, or B/12/31 motor driving a 5 x 5 pusher prop. All up weight is around 20 oz.

Schubeler has a 1/8 scale rc BAE Hawk Jet for sale. It has a wingspan of 53".

Skymaster has a rc Hawk Jet.  It has a wing span of 72" and a length of 83". All up weight is between 25 and 27 lbs. Skymaster recommends a 15 - 27 lb. thrust turbine.

AMD Hobby has a rc Hawk Jet. Its has a wing span of 53.5" and weight of around 10 lbs. It is designed for ducted fan engine power.

Chuck's Hobbies has a rc Hawk Jet that comes in a kit made from Depron. It has a wingspan of 24" and needs a motor and 50 mm EDF unit.

Schübele Jets has a rc Hawk Jet that comes in a kit. It builds to a 47 1/2" wingspan and 58" length. A motor and 90 mm EDF unit is the recommended power. Weight is around 8 1/4 lbs.

Fei Bao Jets has a rc Hawk Jet with a 74.5" wing span that is 88" long. To power it you will need from 28 - 36 lb. thrust turbine engines. It weighs about 27 lbs.

PW RC.com has a rc Hawk Jet. It has a wingspan of 29 1/2" and is 34" long. You will need a motor and 64 mm fan unit. Weight is about 38 oz.

CARF Models has a rc Hawk Jet with a 74" wingspan. It is 85" long, has a 27 1/2 lb. dry weight and needs a 27 lb. thrust turbine for power.

Jet Teng has a 53" wingspan rc Hawk Jet. It is 62" long with all composite constructions. It needs a motor and 90 mm fan or a 13 lb. thrust turbine engine.

Easy Tiger Models has a rc Hawk Jet. Its wingspan is 44" and length is 52". It needs a motor, 90 mm EDF unit and retracts.

Airworld Modellbau has a rc Hawk Jet. Its wingspan is 82" and length is 98 1/2". Construction is all fiberglass. Power needed is a 27 to 26 lb. thrust turbine engine.

KS Model Co., Ltd. has a rc Hawk Jet. It has a 38" wingspan and is 40 1/2" long. It needs a motor and 89 mm EDF unit.

Fly Fly Hobby Mfg. has a foamy rc Hawk Jet with a 54" wingspan that is 58" long. Included are retracts and a 92 mm fan unit. You have to provide at least a 1500 kV motor. Weight is about 4 1/2 lbs.

Hobby Topgun has a rc Hawk Jet that has a 54" wingspan.

Mr. Boogie has a rc Hawk Jet kit. It builds to a wingspan of 37" and is 46" long. It needs a motor and 70 mm EDF unit. Weight is about 4 3/4 lbs.

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