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Republic of Singapore Air Force Black Knights

Black Knights
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The Republic of Singapore Air Force Black Knights fly the Lockheed Martin F-16 Falcon. Click here for F-16 pictures, wav sound, specifications and radio control airplanes.

Although the Air Force of Singapore was just five years old, in 1973 they decided to establish the Black Nights demonstration team.

The team first flew four Hawker Hunter aircraft. In 1981 the team switched to five Northrop F-5 Tiger aircraft. Then in 1993 they started flying six McDonald Douglas A-4 Sklyhawks. The team redeployed with four Mc Donald Douglas A-4 Skyhawk aircraft and two Lockheed Martin F-16 Falcon aircraft in 2000. These aircraft flew together as a single demonstration team.

In 2008 the Black Knights began flying six Lockheed Martin F-16 Falcon aircraft. These are the same type of aircraft flown by the U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds.

A typical show for the RSAF Knights incorporates about 16 maneuvers performed at low and medium altitudes. Speeds during the maneuvers are from just below supersonic to a slow "dirty" pass with flaps and landing gear deployed. The sound and thrill of six aircraft climbing with full afterburners must be experienced!

Black Knights
Aviation Design RC Airplane.

The following is just a small listing of some of the rc airplanes for sale that can be converted to the rc RSAF Black Knights color scheme The radio control airplanes run in type from electric ducted fans, to pusher props, to tractor fans and turbines.

In the photo above is the ARF from Aviation Design for the rc RSAF Black Knights colors. It has a 58" wing span and the fuselage is 87" long. A number of jet turbine engines can be used for power.

The first picture below is of a Skymaster Jet model for sale that can be converted to rc RSAF Black Knights. It has a wing span of 51" and a 74" long fuselage. Skymaster recommends a Jet Cat P-60 for power. All up weight is around 17 lbs.

Jet Hanger International has a rc RSAF Black Knights airplane with a 40" wingspan and a length of 55". It can be powered with a 5" Turbax fan.

The second picture below if of a  rc airplane from Philip Avonds that can be converted to a rc RSAF Black Knights team aircraft. It has a wing span of 53" and is 83" long. To power the 20 lb. rc airplane, turbine power from 12 to 30 lbs. is recommended.

The final picture on this page is of the Yellow Aircraft kit for a rc Black Knights airplane. Wingspan is 44" and the fuselage is 56" long.

If you have a favorite rc Black Knights airplane, or can recommend one, please email us.

Black Knights
Skymaster Jet RC Airplane.

Black Knights
Philip Avonds RC Airplane.

Black Knights
Yellow Aircraft RC Airplane.