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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Machine Guns:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
Wolseley Viper
200 hp
1,430 lbs.
1,940 lbs.
2- 7.7 mm
4- 25 lbs. ea.
20' 11"
26' 8"
97 mph
138 mph
800 fpm
17,000 feet
300 miles

The best British aircraft of World War One is considered by many to be the 200 h.p. Wolseley Viper version of the Hispano Suiza engine equipped Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A.

The SE5A was known for its ruggedness and its dependable engine. What it lacked in ability to turn inside other fighters of the day was made up for in its overall speed, high altitude performance, and excellent zoom climbing abilities.

Although the SE5A first flew in November of 1916, its deployment was delayed when it was found that the windscreen obscured the pilot's forward vision. These were eventually removed. Another issue delaying the full deployment of the aircraft was a shortage of engines.

Once the SE5A was deployed in sufficient numbers, it was found that the fighter was capable of besting the top German aircraft.

A total of over 5,200 Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A aircraft were produced prior to the end of World War One. After the war the aircraft were exported throughout the British Empire and many were sold for civilian use.

RC SE5A from Electrifly.

Pictured above is the rc SE5A from Electrifly. The ARF has a wingspan of 34" with a length of 25 1/2". Materials used are balsa and plywood. Recommended power comes from a Rimfire 28-30-950 motor.

Pictured immediately below is a rc SE5A from a Aerodrome RC kit. Aerodrome RC has three sizes of SE5A rc airplanes.   All are designed by Kurt Bengtson.

Their 26 1/2" wingspan rc SE5A can be powered by a GWS IPS SI motor or Feigao BL motor with GWS "A" gears.

The 35" wingspan Aerodrome rc SE5A can be powered by Speed 400 or 480 size motors geared 4:1 swinging a 10 x 6 propeller.

To power the 53" wingspan rc SE5A, a AXI 2826 motor swinging a 14 x 7 propeller is recommended. All up weight should be around 65 oz.

Flair Models has a rc SE5A kit. Its wingspan is 51". You will need from .35 to .45 two cycle or .40 to .60 four cycle engines. It is made from balsa and plywood. Total weight should be near 6 lbs.

Hobby Hanger has a 50" wingspan rc SE5A. It is designed by Rich Uravitch. Power can come from .40 to .60 engines or an electric motor. All up weight will be between 5 and 6 lbs.

Cleveland Model & Supply has rc SE5A plans that built to wingspans of 40", 52" and 80".

Lanier has a ARF SE5A for sale. Wingspan is 38" and length is 29". Recommended power is a Ultrafly A/30/29 motor geared 3.80:1 swinging a 9 x 4.7 propeller. It features all wood construction.

The second picture below is of the rc SE5A from K&W RC Airplanes. It has a wingspan of 64" and a length of 52". Recommended power can come from .60 to .90 two stroke or .80 to .90 four stroke engines.

The next picture is the detail of the nose of a rc SE5A sent in by Hugo Franck from Belgium. He built the rc SE5A from a RC Green kit and used information obtained in various publications to add additional detail to it. Thank you Hugo!

The final picture below is of the slow flyer rc SE5A for sale from E-flite. Wingspan is 30" and length is 23". Recommended motor is a Park 250 with a 6 x 5 propeller.

RC SE5A from Aerodrome RC.

RC SE5A from K&W RC Airplanes.

Hugo Franck's rc SE5A nose detail.

RC SE5A from E-flite.

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