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SIAI Marchetti SF 260 For Sale
(SF 260 Radio Control Airplanes For Sale)

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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
trainer/light attack
RR250 B-17D T
350 h.p.
23 ft. 4 in.
27 ft. 5 in.
1,805 lbs.
2,975 lbs.
66 U.S. gals.
766 lbs.
248 mph
263 mph
2,200 fpm
25,000 feet
968 miles

SF 260 Radio Control Airplanes For Sale
SIAI Marchetti SF 260 For Sale
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The SF 260 for sale by SIAI Marchetti is a trainer and light ground support aircraft. It was designed by Stelio Frati. It is now being produced by Aermacchi in piston and turboprop versions for military and civil use.

When equipped with a 260 h.p. piston engine the aircraft can be used for aerobatics up to + 6 or - 3 G's. The pilot and student sit side by side, and there is a small bench behind them rated at up to a 250 lb. capacity that can seat a third person.

Although the SIAI Marchetti SF 260 for sale first flew in 1964, it has received numerous upgrades through the years. The fuselage and wings have been made stronger. Most recently updated avionics included the latest navigation systems. Com systems now have the latest optimized dual Very High Frequency and Ultra High Frequency transceivers. A larger canopy provides for more interior room for the pilot and passengers and an updated a/c system has better air flow vents for additional comfort. A new interior lighting system provides better instrument and control visibility at night.

The small, thin wings and low weight of the SIAI Marchetti SF 260 are very efficient in producing speed with minimal power usage. Because of its relatively high wing loading, the aircraft handles much like a war bird. Changes in power settings and flying in cross winds need only minimal control corrections. The aircraft goes exactly where you point it.

The controls are well balanced and their response is instantaneous. Students can master rolls easily and nice, large, round loops can be accomplished with proper power management. Spin recovery is easy and fast and builds confidence in new pilots quickly.

Twenty seven air forces around the world as well as numerous airlines and flight schools use the aircraft. Over 880 SIAI Marchetti SF 260 aircraft have been sold to date.

SF 260 Radio Control Airplanes For Sale
SIAI Marchetti SF-260 For Sale.

The pictures immediately above and below are of one SF-260 for sale from Nitro Planes. Its wingspan is 69" and its length is 57". It comes with a glass fuse. and built up wood wings. You will need a .91 two stroke or .1.20 four stroke engine. Ready to fly weight is around 9 1/4 lbs.

The middle picture is of the SIAI Marchetti SF 260 for sale from Mantua Model. Its wingspan is 68" and length is 53". The fuselage is made from plywood and its wings are foam core.  Engines are a .60 two cycle or .90 four cycle.  Weight is about 8 1/2 lbs.

Next is the SIAI Marchetti SF 260 for sale by a number of hobby shops outside of the U.S.A. We found this one at Modelsworld.ru. It has a 60" wingspan, a length of 48 1/2", and is made from balsa and ply. Engines should be from .46 to .60 two cycle or .52 to .60 two cycle. Weight is around 5 1/2 lbs.

The last picture is of the profile scale SIAI Marchetti SF260 for sale built from plans by Gabriel Kiernan. It has a 54" wingspan and a length of 44". Recommended power comes from a .40 2C engine. All up weight is around 4 lbs.

SIAI Marchetti SF 260 For Sale by NitroPlanes.

SIAI Marchetti SF 260 For Sale by Mantua Model.

SIAI Marchetti SF 260 For Sale by Modelsworld.ru.

SIAI Marchetti SF260 For Sale from Kierman plans.

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