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    Primary Function:
    Rotor Diameter:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
two to four
GE T58GE10
2 x 1,400 h.p. ea.
54 ft. 9 in.
15 ft. 6 in.
62 ft.
12,322 lbs.
20,957 lbs.
145 mph
165 mph
2,200 fpm
14,700 feet
885 miles

Sikorsky Sea King
Sikorsky Sea King

The Sikorsky Sea King, designated S-61 for civilian and SH-3 for military helicopters, first flew in 1959. To date they are in military and civil use by numerous nations around the world and still going strong.

In addition to being produced in North America, the Sikorsky Sea King is also produced under license in Italy by Agusta and in Japan by Mitsubishi.

The military version of the Sikorsky Sea King was much used in an anti submarine capacity. It carries a search radar, prominently mounted in the nose of the aircraft. Additionally it may be equipped with a look down radar, generally mounted mid-ship on the underbelly. The helicopter has folding rotor blades which allow shipboard operation in confined spaces. The civilian Sikorsky S-61 can seat up to thirty and are widely used as transports for offshore oil platforms.

Through the years, the Sikorsky Sea King has been upgraded with more advanced avionics, increased fuel capacity, and more powerful engines. Payload capacity has more than doubled. The helicopter retains its capacity to put down in the water in case of an emergency. This is aided by its sponsons which housed flotation gear.

The last operational Sea King helicopter of the United States Navy was retired from its service on December 11, 2009. It was turned over to the USMC to be used for training purposes.

The U.S. State Department continues using the Sikorsky S-61 civilian version. To date they have purchased 29 of the helicopters.

A Sikorsky Sea King, designated Marine One, is the official helicopter transport for the U.S. president.

Some 344 Sea King helicopters have been built under license by Westland Helicopter for Great Britain. They are still in use by their air force and navy. The helicopters differ primarily from U.S. built versions in that they are powered by Rolls Royce Gnome engines.

Sikorsky Sea King
Sikorsky Sea King - Mejia

Century Helicopter has a Sikorsky Sea King fuselage that is 54" long, 12" high, 18 1/2" wide including sponsons, and uses .60 size engines.  All up weight is around 13 lbs. Tony Mejia built the nice example in U.S. Navy markings.

Sikorsky Sea King
Sikorsky Sea King - Century

Sikorsky Sea King
Sikorsky Sea King - Navy

Sikorsky Sea King
Sikorsky Sea King - Canadian

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