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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Machine Guns:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
230 hp
1,300 lbs.
2,000 lbs. lbs.
2- 7.7 mm
4- 25 lbs. ea.
19 ft. 9 in.
30 ft. 1 in.
85 mph
120 mph
1,050 fpm
19,500 feet
300 miles

Sopwith Snipe
Sopwith Snipe

The Sopwith Snipe was deployed to front line units just two months before the end of World War One. The aircraft, made in Great Britain, were equipped with electronic cockpit heating and oxygen.

Although the Sopwith Snipe was not the fastest aircraft of the time, it possessed an excellent climb rate and was highly maneuverable. Pilots appreciated the forgiving handling characteristics of the aircraft, and were confident of the qualities of the aircraft when encountering the enemy.

After the war the Sopwith Snipe went on to become the primary British RAF fighter aircraft and served through 1926.

Over 2,000 of the aircraft were produced.

Sopwith Snipe
Sopwith Snipe - Aerodrome

Pictured above is a Sopwith Snipe built from an Aerodrome kit. It has a wingspan of 41 1/2". Suggested power is from a AXI 2217/20 motor swinging a 12 x 6 prop. Kurt Bengtson designed the balsa and plywood kit. Aerodrome has a short kit or plans.

Kit Cutters has a short kit, full kit, or plans for sale of the Sopwith Snipe. Wingspan is 46 1/2". For power you will need a .45 engine.

Cleveland Model & Supply has plans for a number of Sopwith Snipe airplanes. Wingspans are 31", 46" 61" and 92".

The picture immediately below is of the magnificent Sopwith Snipe built by Peter McDermott. Unfortunately we do not have any additional details.

The pictures further below are of the Sopwith Snipe from CD-Scaledesign. They are 1/6 scale and have a wingspan of 62". Materials used in their construction are balsa and plywood. Recommended power is a O.S. FS-60 engine. CD-Scaledesign has plans or a short kit.

Sopwith Snipe
Sopwith Snipe - McDermott

Sopwith Snipe
Sopwith Snipe - CD-Scaledesign

Sopwith Snipe
Sopwith Snipe - landing