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Sopwith Triplane

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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Machine Guns:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
Clerget rotary
130 h.p.
1,100 lbs.
1,540 lbs.
2- 7.7 mm
18' 10"
26' 6"
117 mph
990 fpm
20,500 feet
300 miles

The Sopwith Triplane, built in Great Britain, was one of the best climbing, most maneuverable fighter aircraft of its day.

Sopwith Triplane
Sopwith Triplane

The Sopwith Triplane built from a Manzano Laser Works short kit designed from Peter Rake plans has a wingspan of 45". You will need a Speed 600 geared motor or outrunner brushless motor.

The development of the Sopwith Triplane borrowed heavily on its predecessor, especially in fuselage and tail design. Its triplane wing design was ground breaking. In order to accommodate the drag of the extra wing, a more powerful engine was fitted to the fuselage.

Sopwith Triplane

The Sopwith Triplane built by Robert Stinson from a Dare Hobbies kit has a 36" wingspan.  A geared Speed 400 or similar size outrunner brushless motor is recommended.

We understand that the prototype Sopwith Triplane was immediately flown to the Western Front where it was tried in combat against enemy aircraft. On its first day at the front lines, the aircraft was launched to intercept enemy fighter aircraft attacking at high altitude.

Sopwith Triplane

The Sopwith Triplane built from a K & W Models kit's wingspan is 64" and length is 44". A .46 to .60 two stroke engine or .60 to.90 four stroke engine will pull it through the air just fine.

Those who witnessed its performance were highly impressed by the Sopwith Triplane's climbing abilities. As a result, the aircraft was quickly rushed into production.

Sopwith Triplane

The Sopwith Triplane from Kavan Models has a wingspan of 31" and a length of 23 1/2".  A 280 motor powers it. Weight is about 14 oz.

The Sopwith Triplane was deployed to the British Royal Naval Air Service which flew the aircraft from February through July of 1917. During that time they accounted for a record of nearly 10 to 1 in combat victories over German aircraft.

Overall performance of the Sopwith Triplane was encumbered by heavy maintenance requirements.  This plus the introduction of new, more capable German and Allied fighter aircraft soon ended the career of the Sopwith Triplane. A total of 147 of the aircraft were produced.

Traplet has plans of a Sopwith Triplane. It has a 26" wingspan, is made from foam, and weighs 5 1/4 oz.  For power you can use a WES-Tech 6-8.5 motor or the equivalent.

Kit Cutters has a Sopwith Triplane. It is from Uncle Willies plans and has a 79" wingspan with a 58" length. Quadra 2.0 engines are recommended to power it.

Cleveland Model has plans for the Sopwith Triplane with wingspans of 10", 13", 20", 27", 40", 53", and giant scale 80".

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