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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Cruise Speed:
        Landing Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Climb Rate:
        First Flight:
one pilot
P&W R985
450 hp
26 ft. 10 in.
32 ft.
2,540 lbs.
4,250 lbs.
165 mph
45 mph
200+ mph
1,600 fpm
22,000 feet
670 miles

Staggerwing for sale
Staggerwing For Sale

The Staggerwing, for sale by Beechcraft, with a powerful engine, smooth aerodynamics, and retractable landing gear, was one of the best performing single engine pre-World War II light aircraft.

Staggerwing for sale
Staggerwing For Sale

E-flite's Staggerwing for sale has a 35" wingspan and is 31" long. Power can come from 450 to 480 motors. Construction is all foam. Included are working flaps. Weight is about 26 oz.

Staggerwing for sale
Staggerwing For Sale

The Staggerwing for sale from Banana Hobby is available as ARF or RTF. It has a 40 1/2" wingspan, 33 1/2" length and weighs about 38 oz. Included is a 850 kV motor and controller.

The name "Staggerwing" comes from the bottom wing of the aircraft being staggered forward of the upper wing. Its intent is to increase the pilot's upward visibility while decreasing stall speed.

Staggerwing for sale
Staggerwing For Sale

You can find a variety of plans of the Staggerwing for sale on eBay. Pictured just above is the 85" wingspan Staggerwing for sale. It is 71" long, needs a 4.0 engine, and weighs around 33 lbs.

The 64" wingspan Staggerwing for sale on eBay is made from balsawood and ply. It is 55" long, weighs about 13 lbs. and needs from .60 to .80 two stroke or .90 four stroke engines.

There are plans for a Staggerwing for sale on eBay from Royal. Its wingspan is 56" and length 45 1/2". Engines can be .60 to .80 - 2 stroke or .90 - 4 stroke.

The plans for a Staggerwing for sale in 25% scale on eBay build to a wingspan of 97" and 77 1/2" length. Engine is 3.7 and weight is about 29 lbs.

The Staggerwing for sale was flown by the USAAF, U. S. Navy, and Royal Air Force during World War Two. A total of 342 of the aircraft were sold to the military during the War. Great Britain bought the majority, a total of 105.

Staggerwing for sale
Staggerwing For Sale

Pictured above is the Staggerwing for sale from Top Flite. Wingspan is 72 1/2", length is 62 1/2". It has a glass fuse and built up wood wings. Required is a 1.60 two or four cycle engine. Weight is around 18 lbs.

Originally, two very high performance Model 17R aircraft were built. They were very much an experienced pilot's aircraft, and not suitable for the general aviation marketplace. The aircraft had a wide speed range of from about 60 mph to just over 200 mph.

Staggerwing for sale
Staggerwing For Sale

The Hobbico, Flyzone Staggerwing for sale comes ready to fly. It has a 31" wingspan with a 26" length and includes a 280 geared motor, radio, flight battery and charger. Controls are rudder, elevators, and throttle.

The basic structure of the early Staggerwing for sale was made up mostly of fabric covered welded steel tubing. Its landing gear had a unique feature. The main landing gear were enclosed in streamline fairings, but the wheels could be retracted in flight so that they were completely within the fairings.

Staggerwing for sale
Staggerwing For Sale

The good looking Staggerwing for sale scratch built by Nick Hill has a wingsspan of 35". It is powered by a PJS 800E motor.

The enclosed cabin could hold a pilot and three or four passengers. The 420 hp radial engine was mounted in a unique tunnel cowling.

Staggerwing for sale
Staggerwing For Sale

Andrew Donnatelli's 48" wingspan Staggerwing for sale is powered with a O. S. .46 FX engine.

On Sept. 5th 1936 a Staggerwing set a speed record from New York to Los Angeles of 14 hours, 55 minutes with an average speed of 165.35 mph.

On May 29,1937 another speed record was set over 100 Km at 197.7 mph.

Staggerwing for sale
Staggerwing For Sale

The Global Hobbies Staggerwing for sale is a ARF that has a 28.5" wingspan. For power you can use a variety of motors ranging from Speed 480 - 700 size brushed or brushless.

Although production ended in 1949, of 785 Staggerwing aircraft that were produced about 100 are still flying.

KitCutters has a number of kits of the Staggerwing for sale. Their Staggerwing for sale from Nick Ziroli Plans has a giant scale wingspan of 88" and a length of 72". Suggested power is a 3.7 engine. All up weight should be between 30 and 35 lbs.

Kit Cutters has 48", 64", and 96" wingspan Staggerwing for sale as kits and plans from Cleveland Model Co.

Last from Kit Cutters is a 64" wingspan Staggerwing for sale from Morgan/Novack plans. It needs engines from .71 to .80 for power.

Precision Cut Kits has a Staggerwing for sale as a kit. It has a wingspan of 88" and is from Ziroli Plans.

Vintage RC Plans has plans for a Staggerwing for sale. They build to a 64" wingspan.

Dumas has a rubber power free flight kit that may be converted to a rc Staggerwing with motor power. It has a 17 1/2" wingspan.

If you are interested in smaller radio control scale model airplanes, check out the Staggerwing build thread in RC Groups by Rocket Rob.

You Tube has a video posted by Busvanman of a 13 foot wingspan Staggerwing meeting its demise.

RC Groups has a thread started by Nitrogary1 who is seeking a Staggerwing for sale with a wingspan between 70" and 80".

There is a thread from Staggerflyer in RC Groups about switching a Staggerwing from engine power to run on an electric motor.

Chamm37 from RC Groups is looking for plans for a Staggerwing for sale.

There are postings in RC Groups from Dale Neidhammer about a Staggerwing from Radio Control Modeler magazine plans.

Ed Casitas has a Staggerwing that he built. It has a 74" wingspan, weighs around 18 lbs. and uses a O.S. 1.60 FX engine for power.

Casey Marinaro made a 36" wingspan Staggerwing from Depron. He uses a geared Speed 400 motor for power.

Ben Porterfield built a Staggerwing from his own plans. It is of balsawood and plywood construction with a 106" wingspan and has a weight of around 52 lbs. For power Ben uses a Evolution 80 GX engine.

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