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Staudacher S-300D
Staudacher S-300D
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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Max. Speed (Vne):
    Climb Rate:
    Year Deployed:
Lycoming IO-540
330 hp.
1,254 lbs.
1,600 lbs.
21 ft. 10 in.
24 ft. 4 in.
250 mph
4,000 fpm

Staudacher S-300D aircraft began flying in 1993. Only nine S-300 series aircraft were produced. Although they share the same planforms and outward dimensions, each aircraft is custom tuned to the individual requirements of its pilot by its builder, John Staudacher.

Construction is kept light and strong by the use of composites throughout the aircraft. Each aircraft is capable of withstanding maneuvers at plus or minus twenty times the force of gravity.

With some 330 H.P. pulling less than 1,600 lbs. through the air, you would expect spirited acceleration, and the S-300D does not disappoint. Its climb rate is in excess of 4,000 feet per minute.

The S-300D seems to respond to stick movement as quickly as you can think of a maneuver. A well balanced control feel with sufficient movement so as not to over control, yet light enough to produce instant response, makes the aircraft a pilot favorite.

Inverted flight can be performed with just a slight forward pressure on the stick. There is no need for attitude compensation as speed changes throughout the aircraft's performance range. Cross winds have minimal effect on flight direction.

The aircraft pictured above was piloted by John Klatt. He performed incredible aerobatic maneuvers in his Air National Guard Staudacher S-300D at air shows around the United States before retiring the aircraft.

Staudacher S-300D
Nitro Planes rc Staudacher S-300D.

In the picture above is the rc Staudacher S-300D by NitroPlanes.com. Wingspan is 53" and length is 46 1/2".  It is made from balsa and plywood. For power you can use from .40 to .46 two stroke or .52 four stroke engines. Weight is about 5 3/4 lbs.

The first picture below is of the rc Staudacher S-300D built from a Aero Design kit. The kit was produced from Tom Miller Plans. It has a wingspan of 105" and a length of 98". The fuselage is made from fiberglass and wings are balsa over foam.

The next picture is of the rc Staudacher S-300D from Thunder Tiger.  It has a wingspan of 65" with a length of 55".  Power can come from a .60 two stroke or a .90 to 1.20 four stroke engine. Ready to fly weight is around 9 lbs.

The picture on the bottom of this page is of a rc Staudacher S-300D built from Dan Marlowe Plans.  It has a 75" wingspan and uses from 1.08 - 1.50 two cycle engines.

RC Staudacher S-300D from Aero Design.

Thunder Tiger rc Staudacher S-300D.

Dan Marlowe Plans rc Staudacher S-300D.

Radio Craft Industries has a rc Staudacher S-300D. It has a wingspan of 100" and a length of 92". Construction is a fiberglass fuselage with balsa built-up wings. A Quadra 100 or similar engine is recommended for power. All up weight is around 55 lbs.

Giantscaleplanes.com has a rc Staudacher with a 54" wingspan and a 45" length. You will need a .40 two stroke or .52 four stroke engine to power the 5 1/2 lb. rc model airplane.

Boruvka Models, Czechoslovakia, has a rc Staudacher foamy kit. It has a 39" wingspan, is 33 1/2" long, and weighs about 23 oz.

Carl Goldberg Products has a rc Staudacher S-300 kit. It has a 60" wingspan and a 48 1/2" length with a weight of around 7 1/2 lbs. From .45 to .61 two stroke or .46 to .90 four stroke engines are needed to power it. The model seems to have been discontinued, but still may be found for sale at rc forums and eBay from time to time.

Huayu Hobby has the rc Staudacher as a ARF and RTF in different color schemes and with different power choices. Wingspan is 42 1/2" and length is 35".

There is a column about a rc Staudacher by Gerry Yarrish on the NitroPlanes site. It has a 90" wingspan and is 78" long, with a weight of about 25 lbs. The engine used to power it is a 60 cc.

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