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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Hard Points:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
multirole fighter
one or two
Lulka AL-31 FP
2 x 27,550 lbs. ea.
39,021 lbs.
72,752 lbs.
17,168 lbs.
1- 30 mm
16,000 lbs.
72 ft. 9 in.
48 ft.
570 mph
1,320 mph
45,300 fpm
57,400 feet
1,865 miles
+ - 8 G's

Su-30 Flanker
Su-30 Flanker

Su-30 Flanker aircraft, designed in Russia by Skukhoi, are among the most aerobatic of the new generation of jet fighters.

The Su-30 Flanker is a multi-role aircraft that sees a variety of combat operations. Its missions include air superiority, ground attack, electronic counter measures, and sea attack.

The aircraft is equipped with canards and movable exhaust nozzles. They are what give it excellent maneuverability.

The Su-30 has been exported from Russia to a number of air forces around the world including Algeria, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and Vietnam.

Under a license agreement to Sukhoi, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is now the largest manufacturer of the Su-30 in the world.

Su-30 avionics enable BVR all weather performance in high electromagnetic spectrum noise environments.

Advanced scanning array radar systems enables multiple tracking and attack of air and ground targets at ranges of up to 250 miles.

A complete array of automated systems, including mission control, automatic navigation, targeting and landing, ensures that the Su-30 crew can concentrate on the missions at hand.

Computers provide inputs of over 1,000 pulses per second to the flight control systems enabling high alpha maneuvers, from walking speeds to supersonic.

The exhaust nozzles rotate and are used in conjunction with the fly by wire computer controlled system to provide extreme maneuverability.

Su-30 Flanker aircraft of the Indian Air Force are currently being modified to carry up to three cruise missiles.

Aviation war games were staged between the United States and India for seven days in 2005. Exercises were conducted in which the U.S.A.F. and I.A.F. flew together and opposed each other. A number of scenarios ensued testing numerous deployments.

The Su-30 was the new star of the exercises. The short take-off run, time to climb and maneuverability of the aircraft even made a hit with U.S.A.F. pilots.

An interesting observation was the conclusion by IAF officials that the aircraft could match or exceed U.S. aircraft in all respects.

The IAF has deployed some 180 Su-30 Flanker aircraft, the first of a total 272 of the fighters expecting complete deployment by 2018.

Su-30 Flanker
Su-30 Flanker - pusher prop.

Picture above and immediately below is the nice looking Su-30 Flanker scratch built by Jiriho Hejtmanka of RC Team.CZ.

The second picture below is of a Su-30 Flanker for sale from Andres Scholl. It has a 90" wing span. Recommended for power are 2 x AS .91’s with Ramtec impellers. All up weight is around 28 lbs.

Picture three below is of the Jet-Tech Su-30 Flanker. It was built by Martin Luthi. Its wingspan is 70". Jet-Tech says that you can power it with two 15 to 28 lb. thrust each turbines. When ready for flight it will weigh around 33 lbs.

Ivan Tanev scratch built the Su-30 Flanker in the fourth picture below. The smaller model is 1/25 scale with a 23.5" wingspan. Ivan uses a Himax HC2208-12760 motor with a 5.5 x 4.5 pusher prop to propel it.

NitroPlanes has a Su-30 Flanker. Check their site for the specifications.

We found a twin pusher two channel Su-30 Flanker sold by a number of retailers shown in the last picture below. It has a 22.5" wingspan and is powered by twin motor pusher props. We do not know the quality of the rc airplane.

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Su-30 Flanker
Su-30 Flanker - Hejtmanka

Su-30 Flanker
Su-30 Flanker - Scholl

Su-30 Flanker
Su-30 Flanker - Jet-Tech

Su-30 Flanker
Su-30 Flanker - Tanev

Su-30 Flanker
Su-30 Flanker - Two-channel