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Sukhoi Su-29

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360 h.p.
23 ft. 8 in.
27 ft.
Weight Empty
1,742 lbs.
Max. Weight
2,690 lbs.
74 gals.
Cruise Speed
202 mph
Mx Speed Vne
273 mph
Climb Rate
3,150 fpm
895 miles
Year Deployed

The Sukhoi Su-29 is the two seat member of the family of aerobatic aircraft.

The Sukhoi Su-29 was developed primarily as a trainer for new aerobatic aircraft pilots. The trainer has just 35% new parts. All others are shared with its predecessor. The primary difference is a lengthened center fuselage and canopy to accommodate the student pilot, plus an increased wing length, both by about 16 inches. It first took to the sky on August 9, 1991.

Twelve Sukhoi Su-29 aircraft were delivered to the United States in 1992. Other countries using the aircraft include Great Britain, and South Africa.

Cruz del Sur, the National Air Force Team of Argentina, fly the Sukhoi 29.

Not only are Sukhoi Su-29 aircraft used to train prospective Sukhoi aerobatic pilots, but also as civil and military aviation trainers.

To date some 50 Sukhoi Su-29 training aircraft have been produced.

Sukhoi Su-29
Sukhoi Su-29

Pictured above is the Sukhoi 29 by Air World. It has a wingspan of 10 1/4 feet with a length of 9 feet and 2 inches. The all wood model is primarily balsa and plywood. A DA 150 engine is recommended to pull the 38 lbs. aircraft through the sky.

The first picture below is the Sukhoi Su-29 by Nitro Planes. Wingspan is 80" and length is 74". It has a fiberglass fuselage with balsa over foam wings.

Pictured next is the Jet Acro Models Sukhoi Su-29 with a 78" wingspan and 72" length. It takes a 50 cc gas engine.

The last picture on this page is of a Sukhoi Su-29 from Sebart Models. This mid size model has a wingspan and length both at 51". Weight is just 2 3/4 lbs. A Hacker A30-10XL motor is the recommended choice for motivation.

AirWild Pilot Shop, USA, has a Sukhoi Su-29. Its wingspan is 123" and it is 110" long. A 150 cc engine is recommended. Weight is about 39 lbs.

Sukhoi Su-29
Sukhoi Su-29 from NitroPlanes

Sukhoi Su-29
Sukhoi Su-29 by Jet Acro

Sukhoi Su-29
Sukhoi Su-29 Sebart

Sukhoi Su-29
Sukhoi Su-29 Airplane Girl - Svetlana Kapanina

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