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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Hard Points:
    Cruise Speed:
    Max. Speed:
    Climb Rate:
    First flight:
Lyulka AL-37-FU
2 x 18,707 lbs. ea.
36,097 lbs.
55,150 lbs.
1 - 30 mm
74 ft. 2 in.
49 ft. 10 in.
950 mph
1,553 mph
50,000 fpm
60,000 feet
2,040 miles
+ - 10.5G

RC Su-47
RC Su-47

Variants of the Su-47 5th generation plus fighter will make all current fighter aircraft obsolete within 10 years, according to Sukhoi.

RC Su-47

The RC Su-47 manufactured by Shenzhen Lanxiang can be found at numerous retailers. It has a 44" wingspan and is 59" long with a weight of around 4 1/2 lbs. all up. Featured is foam construction, thrust vectoring fans driven by 2100 kV motors, retractable landing gear, and an in flight battery.

The unique successor to the Su-47 is expected to demonstrate extreme agility along short trajectories, and perform maneuvers of over a ninety degree angle of attack. In addition it will employ stealth technology and have super cruise ability. The multi-role aircraft will have BVR, attack, interceptor, and long range tactical abilities.

RC Su-47

The RC Su-47 as seen on eBay comes ready to fly. Its wingspan is 60". Included is a radio, eleven servos, motor turning 70 mm fans, controller, and flight battery.

The FSW Su-47 demonstration version of the aircraft has been flying since Sept. 25, 1997. Many compare its agile flight performance with that of the best fighter aircraft in the world.

RC Su-47

Pictured above is the RC Su-47 from NitroPlanes, Banana Hobby, and other retailers. Wingspan is 40", length 29 1/2" and power comes from two brushless motors turning EDF 55 units.  Weight is about 25 oz. The RC Su-47 comes as a RTF with radio, batteries and everything you need to fly, as a ARF that is radio ready, and as a body kit, ready for your motors, fans, and electronics.

India and Sukhoi are already laying the groundwork to have the IAF equipped with derivatives of the Su-47 front-line fighters by the year 2020.

RC Su-47

The RC Su-47 from Parkjets seen above has a 31.5" wingspan and 40.5" length. It is made from Depron foam, weighs around 12 oz. and is powered by a GWS EDF unit. The builder is Rane of RCGroups.

While it appears that the FSW (forward swept wing) version of the Su-47 will not be produced in its current form, Sukhoi says that the design of the aircraft facilitates the development of aircraft that will meet the demands for 5th generation plus fighters.

If American aircraft are an example of the cost of such a development program, production beyond the Su-47 prototype phase should cost approximately US$5.0 billion. It is anticipated that the super cruise, AL-37-FU thrust vectoring engine, will be the most expensive component of the aircraft to develop.

RC Su-47

The RC Su-47 built by Bob Shepherd of Ontario, California is 70" long and has a wingspan of 46". Power is by a single AMT AT-180 turbine engine. All up weight is about 14 lbs.

We received the following email from Sergey Shkodin in the Ukraine (serj.odin@gmail.com):

"Largest RC Su-47
giant scale - 1:8
length - 111"
wingspan - 83"
weight - 10 1/2 lbs.
fans - Schuebeler DS-94-DIA HDT
motors - Lehner 2250-14
batteries - 12s 6000 mah
ESC - 200A
The ARTF of the RC Su-47 is available
Best regards"

You can find a picture of the RC Su-47 that was attached to the email below.

Considering the costs involved, it was anticipated that production of the Su-47 could involve a combined venture of China, India and Russia. China now has their own version of a fifth generation stealthy fighter aircraft.

India has acquired a licensing agreement for the manufacture of the aircraft in its own country. Other partners that India was considering for further Su-47 development were Brazil or the European Union. However, India alone will be producing the aircraft.

India originally anticipated that its primary technological contribution to the advanced Su-47 program would be in avionics. HAL however, now has undertaken all construction of the fifth generation fighter.

RC Su-47.

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