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    Primary Function:
    Weight Empty:
    Max. Weight:
    Max. Speed:
    Initial Climb:
    First Flight:
    Year Deployed:
RR Tyne 22 
2 x 5,565 hp ea.
106' 4"
131' 3"
62,700 lbs.
103,400 lbs.
80 troops
32,300 lbs.
320 mph
1,400 fpm
30,000 feet
1,150 miles

The C-160, for sale from Transall, is a military cargo transport that first flew in 1963. It is flown primarily by France, Germany and Turkey and .

The airplane has been used for a variety of missions in addition to the transport of troops and cargo. Its roles include aerial refueling, communications and reconnaissance.

C-160 aircraft are capable of flying from unimproved runways due to their heavy duty landing gear. Special flaps with dual slots, propellers with reverse pitch, and effective spoilers, enable short take offs and landings.

The manufacturer began designing the airplane in 1959. The C-160 was put up for sale by Transall in 1967. The last airplane to be built left the factory in 1987. Through the years the airplane has been updated and improved. These improvements have included new avionics, strengthening the wings, and increased fuel capacity.

A total of 214 of the airplanes were manufactured.

C-160 for sale from NitroPlanes.

Joe Carver wrote to tell of of his experiences with the C-160 for sale from NitroPlanes:

"The NitroPlanes rc C-160 arrived in a very large box. Inside I found that all the parts were packaged to afford maximum protection from anything it could encounter while being shipped.

The rc C-160 is a nice size airplane. Once I laid out all of the pieces I was impressed with the quality of the model.

I am wary of any instructions that come from foreign countries, especially China. However, checking through the instructions for the rc C-160 showed that it did a good job in identifying the individual pieces of the model.

Even the best of ARF model airplanes will arrive with some of its covering loose. I decided a good place to start would be to go over the entire rc C-160 and give it a good tightening. Another area that needs attention is the attachment of control surfaces, such as ailerons, rudder, and elevators. Always double check these.

It is an absolute necessity to have engines that can be counted on when flying a twin engine aircraft like the rc C-160. I equipped mine with a pair of O.S. .25 engines. The engines were broken in as per instructions.

The NitroPlanes rc C-160 was easy to get ready to fly, once at the field. I always do a range check of the radio with the engines running to be sure everything is working properly.

I have been flying for over 10 years, yet the first flight of the rc C-160 made me a bit anxious. To triple check everything, I did a fast run without lifting off. Everything looked fine. I restrained the rc C-160 and ran the motors up to full speed one last time before attempting lift off. All was a-okay!

This time I advanced the rc C-160 throttle for the take-off roll. Seemingly, in the blink of an eye, it lifted off of the runway without any help from me. It was very reassuring to find that only two clicks of left aileron trim were needed. The rc C-160 was flying straight and level.

With the rc C-160 engines purring, I gave them full power. The big airplane started flying at some very un scale-like speeds. I throttled back for more realistic flight. However, it is great to know that all the reserve power is there, if necessary.

The rc C-160 is very maneuverable, especially for a twin engine cargo airplane.  It is capable of nearly vertical climbs, huge loops, rolls, and shooting great touch and goes.

Landings with the rc C-160 are very easy. It slows down nicely when power is reduced and will touch down for a gentle landing most every time.

In conclusion, I feel that NitroPlanes has a winner with the twin engine C-160 for sale. It flys more like a fighter plane than a cargo transport, is great looking, and is a lot of fun!"

We want to thank Joe very much for writing about his C-160 for sale by NitroPlanes.

Pictured above is the C-160 for sale from NitroPlanes. The wingspan is 57" and length is 46 1/2". The fuselage is glass fiber and wings are wood b/u. Weight is around 5 1/2 lbs.

The next four pictures below are of the C-160 for sale from Nitroplanes with a wingspan of 72" and fuselage length of 53". The wings are sheeted foam and the fuselage is fiberglass. It will take .20 to .25 two stroke or .26 to .30 four stroke engines. We are told that you can convert the rc C-160 to electric power. Ready to fly weight should be just over 6 lbs.

The fifth picture on this page is a C-160 for sale at Alibaba.com. A number of retailers are selling it as the rc C-160. although that's not what it shows on its box. The only flight controls are two channel for increased speed to make the model climb or decrease speed to lose altitude. You can also steer the rc C-160 by increasing power to one engine or the other. The rc C-160 comes as ready to fly with radio, flight battery, and charger. No wingspan, length, weight or type of power are given.

Pictured sixth below is the good looking C-160 for sale from Flair Models built by RC Don. The ARF has a 72" wingspan, is 53" long, and weighs around 6 lbs. For power it uses .25 two cycle or .26 four cycle engines.

The bottom picture is of the C-160 for sale from RC Fly CZ. Its wingspan is 59" and weight is around 3 lbs. Power comes from a pair of Speed 400 type motors.

NitroPlanes rc C-160.

The C-160 for sale from NitroPlanes.

A rc C-160 lifting off.

C-160 for sale by NitroPlanes in white.

C-160 for sale from Alibaba.

C-160 for sale from Flair Models.

Sen Ye, China, has the C-160 for sale with a 74" wing span, that weighs about 6 1/2 lbs. and uses engine power.

The C-160 for sale from GWS comes with a wingspan of 44" and a length of 33". The ARF is available with or without EDP 300 HA motors. All up weight of the rc C-160 is about 20 oz.

Clone Industries has a C-160 for sale that has a wingspan of 54" and a length of 53". GX400 motors provide the rc C-160 with power.

Baybao Trading Co., has a C-160 for sale. It is RTF (ready to fly) with a wingspan of 48", and a 37" fuselage length. Included are MBV motors, controller, radio, and flight batteries.

Big Gifts 53" wingspan C-160 for sale weighs about 1 1/2 lbs.

Mi Trade's C-160 for sale has a wingspan of 49" and length is 38". FEQ 1390 motors provide power.

Sunnby Electronics has a C-160 for sale. Its wingspan is 52 1/2" and length is 42". It uses CQ 115-4 motor power.

Sham Toy Factory's C-160 for sale wingspan is 50". Geared Speed 300 motors are the motivating force.

Li Shan is selling their rc C-160. It has a 51" wingspan, 40" length, and weighs about 24 oz.

Raidentech, Grand Hobby, Will Hobby, Wonder Hobby, Hobby 4 Less, and NitroPlanes all have C-160 for sale with the 57" wingspan.

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You Tube gehrbox posted a video showing his rc C-160 doing aerobatics and caddylacky has a video of his white rc C-160.

At RC Hangout wxbj78 has a C-160 for sale.

If there is a quality C-160 for sale that you would like to recommend, please email us.