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Formed on Nov. 7, 1992, the Turkish Stars fly eight Northrop F-5 aircraft.  Click here for the F-5 history, pictures, wav sound, specifications and radio control airplanes.

The tradition of the Turkish aerobatic team can be traced back to 1914. This is when Turkish Army aircraft pilots began performing aerobatics to please spectators.

In 1926 the official Turkish Flight school was established. At the school Turkish pilots would learn maneuvers they would use while performing before crowds throughout the world.

The Turkish Stars switched from propeller to jet aircraft in 1952 with the F-84G Thunderjet.

In 1955 the F-84 was replaced by the F-86E Sabre.

In 1964 the team increased the number of aircraft flown to a total of twelve F-86's.

The aircraft currently flown by the team, the F-5A Freedom Fighter was introduced in 1971.

After a number of years the team was disbanded, only to be formed again on November 7, 1992 flying a six aircraft formation.

On March 30, 2004 the Turkish Stars performed with eight Northrop F-5 aircraft for the first time. The team continues to thrill crowds to this date.

Turkish Stars
Turkish Stars jet from Phoenix Models.

The picture right above is of the Turkish Stars jet by Phoenix Models.  Wingspan is 57", length is 53".  Recommended are .40 to .46 two stroke or .52 four stroke engines.  Weight is about 6 lbs.

The first photo below is of the Turkish Stars airplane from HET-RC.  It has a wingspan of 31.5", a length of 45.6", and weighs 5 lbs.  Power is by a Typhoon EDF 2W motor driving a WeMoTec 480 Mini fan.

The middle picture is of a Turkish Stars from Juno RC.  Wingspan is 47" and length is 54". A .40 to .50 two stroke engine is needed to power the 5 lb. rc airplane.

The bottom photo is of the Turkish Stars rc airplane by ICARE.  It has a 28" wingspan, 30" length and is driven by a Mega 16/7/3-4 motor.

Turkish Stars
Turkish Stars airplane from HET-RC.

Turkish Stars
Turkish Stars from Juno.

Turkish Stars
Turkish Stars jet from ICARE.

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