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        Primary Function:
        Weight Empty:
        Max. Weight:
        Machine Guns:
        Cruise Speed:
        Max. Speed:
        Initial Climb:
        First Flight:
        Year Deployed:
Klimov VK-107A
1,650 h.p.
5,990 lbs.
6,830 lbs.
1- 20 mm
2- 12.7mm
2- 220 lbs.
28 ft. 1 in.
32 ft. 1 in.
250 mph
435 mph
4,920 fpm
39,000 feet
540 miles

Yak-9 For Sale
Yak-9 For Sale

The Yak-9 for sale is considered by many to be the best Soviet fighter of World War II. It first flew in October of 1942 It was the first Soviet production fighter capable of besting German fighter aircraft.

Construction of the aircraft involved the use of lighter and stronger materials as the war progressed. Eventually it used mostly aluminum materials for light weight. Engines also increased in power and reliability.

Various models of the Yak-9 for sale included the standard version 9M, a longer range 9D and an extra long range bomber escort designated the 9DD. The ultimate version was the model U, made entirely from metal. It was deployed in July of 1944.

Model U aircraft originally used VK109PF-2 engines that gave them a top speed of about 410 mph. When the engine was upgraded to the VK-107-A in November of 1944, top speed went up to 435 mph.

The Yak-9 for sale was produced through March of 1946. It was used by North Korea at the start of the Korean War. A total of 16,769 were sold.

Yak-9 for sale
Yak-9 For Sale - Red Star

Pictured above is the Yak-9 for sale by Red Star RC. It is 1/7 scale. Wingspan is 55". The fuselage measures 50". Materials used in the construction are balsa and ply. For power, two stroke engines from .40 to .46 are recommended. It should weigh from 5 to 5 1/2 lbs. upon completion.

The first picture below is of the Yak-9 for sale from Warbird Kits. It has a wingspan of 31". Length is 26". A Speed 400 or Mega 16/15 motor is recommended as power.

HET RC has a Yak-9 for sale. The radio control airplane is sold as an ARF. Wingspan is 27.5". It uses a Typhoon 6/15 or 6/20 motor.

The second picture below is of the Yak-9 for sale from FVK. It has a wingspan of 31.5".  Power can come from a Speed 480 size or Mega 16/15/3 motor.

The next picture on this page is of the nice looking Yak-9 scratch built by Mtflyr of RC Groups. It is constructed from Depron. A 22T CD ROM motor powers it.

You can find plans for the Yak-9 for sale by Modellbauplane Timo Starkloff at RC Groups. Wingspan is 34" and length is 29".  Weight is 26 oz. dry.

Pictured on the bottom of this page is the Yak-9 for sale as a slope soarer. You can find its plans at Traplet Publications under no. MW 2574. Wingspan is 45", weight is about 2 1/2 lbs., and controls are either two or three channels.

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Yak-9 for sale
Yak-9 For Sale - Warbird

Yak-9 For Sale
Yak-9 For Sale - FVK

Yak-9 For Sale
Yak-9 For Sale - Mtflyer

Yak-9 For Sale
Yak-9 For Sale - Traplet